About FSM 22000

FSM 22000 is the most robust food safety management standard in the United States designed to help restaurants maintain and improve their food safety management system (FSMS). Being FSM 22000 certified enables restaurants to have a third party food safety management system that ensures consumer trust, and demonstrates a commitment to food safety and quality. The FSM 22000 Food Safety Management System provides a framework for effectively managing your restaurant’s food safety responsibilities. It’s a significant improvement over the outdated and foreign food safety standard known as ISO 22000:2005 developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

Benefits of FSM 22000 Certification

FSM 22000 food safety management standards help restaurants identify and control food safety hazards. The consequences of unsafe food served in a restaurant’s have serious health risks, and in result can have a significant negative impact on the establishment’s reputation. FSM 22000 food safety management certification enables restaurant’s to more effectively identify and control the many potential risks and hazards at all levels, including supply chain, storage, preparation/cooking, handling and serving of food. Being FSM 22000 certification demonstrates your commitment to food safety and quality, and helps improve effectiveness through third-party audits, consultation and management reviews. FSM 22000 improves the restaurant’s all-around Food Safety Management System (FSMS) which helps correct and/or avoid regulatory violations.

What Does FSM 22000 Provide?

Food safety is an increasingly important public health issue, and something that requires continued improvement. Food safety is not negotiable. The consequences of unsafe food served in a restaurant can have serious health risks and have long term damage to the establishment’s reputation. FSM 22000 provides full-service inspections from professionally trained food safety auditors certified by the New York City Department of Health & Hygiene. Auditors are trained to provide test compliance solutions to ensure statutory and regulatory requirements are met as mandated by the Board of Health, EPA, OSHA, National Food Safety Council, etc.

FSM 22000 Compliancy and Achievement

Achieving FSM 22000 certification requires the restaurant to meet the statutory and regulatory requirements. It is the only food safety management system program that consists of local, state, and national oversight set forth by both governmental and private entities. Being FSM 22000 certified ensures consumers your establishment follows the highest standards of food safety in the country. FSM 22000 consultants are required to provide fundamental solutions that improve your food’s safety and service efficiency through constructive internal and external audits as well as employee training and quality management improvement that will enhance your restaurant’s existing food safety management system.